Perfect Women’s Colored Wigs from My Super Fun Cocktails in Color Party

The best new trend to have cocktails with your girls at your next party is having a cocktails in color party, complete with fun wigs! See my favorite recommendations for colored wigs in this article.

When you put on one of these wigs, you become an entirely different person, and are so ready to party! Every girl picks a wig color and dresses in that color and creates cocktails to match that color outfit.

Your friends can get creative while making fun new cocktails and look so cute serving drinks to you and all of your girls! It’s the cutest trend on TikTok you have to try.

Here are some of my favorite wigs from our own cocktails in color party!

My Recommended Women’s Colored Wigs for Party:

Purple Wig

My friend wore this wig to our Cocktails in Color party and she looked AMAZING. This was a a wig that she could wear again and again, and it felt so nice to have short hair for an evening! The wig is purple ombre and looks like you just walked out of the salon like a superstar.

Rainbow Wig

For the girl who can’t decide what color to be, there’s the rainbow wig! This unicorn of a wig has perfect highlights of pastel colors throughout for the perfect shoulder length wig. All your friends will be jealous you get to be the rainbow wig wearer in the group and can wear any colors throughout the day!

Orange Wig

This orange wig makes you look exactly like a redhead. Unlike some of these other wigs, this one is realistic and is so sexy. This redhead wig will look gorgeous on anyone wanting to try out a new hair color, or just look more natural for the Cocktails in Color party.

Blue Wig

Talk about mermaid vibes! This ombre blue wig is long and majestic, just like you. If you couldn’t decide on light or dark blue, this blue wig has it all.

Pink Wig

I chose this pink wig for the Cocktails in Color party and have never felt so sexy. I’ve always been to nervous to cut my hair this short, or color it (except that one time in high school with a pink streak underneath…you all know what I’m talking about!) so wearing this super short bob wig with bangs was the perfect change for me. I honestly wish I could cut and dye my hair to look this way forever!

Green Wig

One of the girls at our Cocktails in Color party wore this ombre green wig and it looked good on EVERYONE. It is so bright and fun and could be used again for festivals or fun parties out in the town. It’s a neon green wig that has dark blues fading into the green that really pop.

Yellow Wig

How short is too short? If you’ve ever wanted a short bob this yellow wig is perfect. You’re cute lemon drinks in your cute little yellow polka dot dress will go perfect with this super short, fun wig!

Red Wig

This long red wig is absolutely stunning. The girl who chooses red is going to look so sexy in this wig and a red outfit, you’ll be amazed! Will you get mistaken for Ariel? Probably. This red wig can definitely be used again to go out in town for a night.

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