Fun Nicknames for Redheads of All Ages!

Nicknames are often given to friends, family, and children out of affection, usually referring to a physical or personality trait they possess that sets them apart from others. Red hair, also known as ginger- or orange-colored hair, is a very rare and unique trait that exists in only 2 percent of the entire population.

It came about as a mutation or altered production of the MC1R protein gene on chromosome 16 in redheads. The red-headed population is found most commonly in northern and western parts of Europe, concentrated mostly in Great Britain and Scotland. People with red hair are often associated with pale skin, freckles, light eyes, and sensitivity to ultraviolet light.

The shades of red may vary from deep copper, auburn, and burgundy to red-orange, burnt orange and lighter hues of strawberry blonde.

Remember, it is fun to give fun nicknames and it is respectful as as long as the nickname is not offensive and the person being addressed is okay with being called that particular name. Maybe ask your red headed friends if they like the name you use from them or if they would prefer to be called something different?

Common Nicknames for Redheads

Here are some of the nicknames commonly given to redheads by friends, family, and close relatives:


Refers to the color red and is short for redhead.


This word was coined by the British and is used for redheads that have freckles and pale skin. This term isn’t always appreciated by redheads, and they consider it derogatory.


Literal nickname for people with red hair.


Archie Andrews was a fictional character in the popular comic book series Riverdale and Archie comics. The main character Archie has red hair and freckles and was famously called carrot top by his rival and friend in high school Reggie Mantle.


Refers to the color in the same way ‘red’ the color is a nickname.


Another version of the name Ginger.

Copper penny

Refers to a literal copper penny and its color.


In reference to the fruit that is a dark burgundy.

Carrot top

Refers to orange hair. This reference comes from Archie comics, where Archie Andrews was a red-headed freckled teenager and was nicknamed carrot top by his frenemy Reggie Mantle. There is also an actor /comedian named carrot top that may be referred to as a nickname for a redhead.


Anne of Green Gables was the most popular red-headed girl in Japan and was known as Anne, ‘the red-haired girl.’


Short for Anne of Green Gables.


Since redheads are associated with freckles, they’re often nicknamed freckles.


Poppy flowers are red in color.


Amber is a beautiful shade of dark yellowish-orange used to describe the color of honey. It is also one of the shades that redheads hair can be.


Roxy red is a famous red lipstick shade.


Refers to the fiery temper redheads are known to have.


The color of fire.


The famous reindeer with his red nose.

Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice was one of the 5 Spice Girls. Melanie B was known as Ginger Spice because of her red hair, whereas the rest of her group members were named Baby, Scary, Sporty, and Posh. All of them got their names owing to their distinct personalities.

Nicknames for Children with Red Hair

Little boys and girls with red hair look adorable and are often given nicknames out of endearment by their parents and other family relatives and friends. Here are some adorable nicknames that can be used to refer to red-headed children.

Lil Red

Comes from Red or Big Red, used in adults with red hair.


Rose or rose top is used affectionately to refer to little girls with red hair. Often is also used to refer to children’s rosy cheeks.


Originates from the cartoon The Little Mermaid, where Ariel, the main lead character, is a red-headed mermaid.


Princess Anna from the famous children’s movie ‘Frozen’ had red hair.

Red riding hood

Red Riding Hood was a character from a famous children’s fairytale that sets out in the woods to meet her grandmother wearing a red cape with a hood that covers her head. She is referred to as The Little Red Riding Hood by her mother and later the wolf.


Short for Ginger.


Scarlet is a bright red color and is often used as a nickname for people with red hair.

Fred the red

A nickname commonly used for boys with red hair.


Refers to the fruit that is the color deep red or burgundy, resembling the color of the hair.


A term of endearment for children who have red hair or freckles on their face making them look like a plump red strawberry.


A beautiful, naturally-occurring, precious stone in deep red. This is a term commonly used to refer to little girls who have red hair.

In Conclusion about Red Head Nicknames

Redheads are a rare group of people, and if one of them happens to be your classmate or a colleague at work, then it is fun to give them playful nicknames. This is okay as long as the nickname is not offensive and the person being addressed is okay with being called that particular name.

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